Holy fudgesticks.

I’m not sure I’m entirely coherent right now. Perhaps that will make for an interesting post, but probably not. Out of sheer laziness I considered putting up the angry, drunk post I wrote Saturday night, but well…I guess I’m not that incoherent.

Just been busy. I’m kind of exhausted at the moment, but I’ve been absent ’round these parts a bit longer than I’d like, so here I am. I probably won’t be back to posting somewhat regularly for another two weeks, but I’ll still pop in when I can.

I got my second share of produce today from the co-op. I finished everything from the first batch, with the exception of a package of alfalfa sprouts (there were two). It was interesting figuring out what to do with all those veggies. Here are some things I learned: I like apples way more than pears. Chard is good, especially in frittatas. Parsnips have an unusual, sweet taste that I can’t exactly pinpoint.And when in doubt, roast or sautee!

Here’s this week’s share (I get them bi-weekly).

Celery and lots of romaine.
'Taters and 'Naners.
Fruits 'n' roots!
Spicy sprouts...interesting.
This is how I figured out this fuzzy green stuff is dill.

Once again, I need to figure out what I can make with these ingredients. I’m not really a fan of dill or celery, but not liking food has never stopped me from eating it. Yes, I’m a human garbage disposal. With the first batch I was a little worried that the produce would spoil before I got a chance to eat it, but it held up pretty well, especially with the green bags I used. And to be honest, I eat food way past the expiration date anyway. As long as there’s no mold or green stuff growing on it, and the texture is good, it’s in the clear. Like I said, garbage disposal.

Aaand on the fitness front, I saw this piece of equipment in the new Hers Muscle & Fitness. The Elliptigo!


I lol’ed, but I secretly kind of want it…even though it’s basically just a stand-up bicycle. But at $1800, I think I’ll stick to my Schwinn.

David walked in and told me to close my eyes and open my mouth.

He put this mostly eaten organic lollipop in my mouth -_-


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8 comments on “Exhausted Ramblings”

  1. The bottle of dill weed brought out my inner Beavis. I am laughing too hard at that.

    Also, I ate a piece of bread with mold on it yesterday. It smelled kinda off but I was like, whatever, I’m hungry. And then sure enough, there was some mold. I pulled it off and kept eating.

    • I actually forgot that I wanted to mention Beavis and the dill weed! When I was like 10 I was watching Beavis & Butthead with my dad and I asked him what a dill weed was, and he just yelled at me, haha. But don’t worry, I always laugh at dill weed ’cause of Beavis & Butthead too.

  2. SO WEIRD. We just “rediscovered” Beavis & Butthead hahaha!! Oh timing. 🙂

    So I don’t know if you check back to my blog to read my replies (I’m assuming you don’t becauuuuse I don’t think anyone does that kind of thing haha) BUT I think working in the lower (1-5) rep ranges is great for hypertrophy. I mean yes, TECHNICALLY hypertrophy is maximized in the 6-12 rep range BUT in my experience…my chest has legit widened by at least 2 inches (I’m serious, NONE of my shirts fit: I got stuck halfway in my scrub top in the locker room today and had to literally tear it to get it off) since I’ve been following a powerlifting program VS a bodybuilding program and I’m doing exactly the same number of sets per week for chest and back. Actually, 4 less for back per week.

    I think the biggest thing is remembering that compound lifting creates the most anabolic atmosphere for you biochemically. So as long as you’re doing compounds, you’re challenging yourself, and you’re not doing more than like 15 reps or something ridiculous, I think you’re always going to grow — and I think someone doing low reps of squats, deadlifts, benches and overheads is going to grow more than someone doing slightly more reps of hyperextensions, leg curls, leg extensions, and front raises. If that makes sense.

    Sorry I just took up a ridiculous amount of space O_O

    • I’m still doing the big compound lifts: squats, deadlifts (although it’s been a couple of weeks), bench, chin-ups and BB rows. And for the most part I’m still using free weights with the other exercises I do, keeping it in the 8-10 rep range. I’ll probably stick it out for a few more months just to see what kind of results I get. The hardest part is getting in the gym 5x a week! Thanks for the input, I’m sure I’ll eventually go back to heavier weights 🙂

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