I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all busy!

But I’m like, really freakin’ busy. Not that I’m trying to one-up you on busyness or anything, I’m just saying. And when you’re really busy, eating healthy is an effort. It requires planning. Fortunately that’s one of my strong suits. So every Sunday/Monday I bulk cook some of my food for the rest of the week.

I think it’s one of the best things you can do when you’re tight on time. It may not be as exciting or spontaneous as cooking a different dinner every night, but it gets the job done. And with enough creativity you can mix and match with other things that don’t really need to be cooked. In my case, I also buy different lettuces, frozen artichoke hearts, broccoli, cauliflower, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit, low-sodium canned beans (don’t judge me) and tomatoes to add to my meals. And like a good, little Type-A girl, I always put together my lunches (I eat 3 times at work) the night before.

Agave, apples, broccoli, eggplant, tilapia, black beans, plum wine, feta cheese, mango salsa, frozen mango, egg white beaters, almond milk, organic brown sugar, eggs, kale, raisins, whole wheat pita bread, red pepper, baking soda, frozen artichoke hearts, greek yogurt, onions, cheddar cheese, hummus, and tomatoes. Phew!
And the rest: coffee (yes, instant. don't hate), gluten-free crackers, frozen blueberries, assorted baby food (I use these for cooking), cloves, romaine lettuce, and cilantro and parsley in the bag.

I usually go grocery shopping on Saturday. This is all the crap I bought this week. I don’t normally buy this much stuff, but I guess I was having a moment. By the way, I randomly picked up Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten-Free Crackers and uh…I inhaled the whole thing in a day. Feel free to slap my wrist. Not pictured: Breyer’s Blasts Whoppers Malted Vanilla. Ugh, as I said…having a moment. I never buy junk food, but I love Whoppers. I couldn’t resist.

Here’s what I made for this week:

Chicken breast tenderloins - seasoned with cumin, paprika, salt, and pepper.
Tilapia. Yeah, I kind of went overboard with the seasoning. I like seasoning, okay!
Coconut curry eggplant - I’ve made coconut curry stuff before, but this eggplant concoction (which also has broccoli, onions, red pepper, and tomatoes) was a first. I am pleased with the way it turned out. And on a side note, my aura must be yellow from all the turmeric I ingest.
Black Bean Burgers. Another first. I made four of them, but they were all devoured within a day. Recipe to come!
Lemon fruit protein WTF loaf. So I made this once and it was awesome. Only I had used Splenda to sweeten it. Then I made it again without any Splenda and I fucked up real bad. I put WAY TOO MUCH lemon. It was a bitter disaster. Fortunately I have learned from my mistake and these are all-natural goodness. I’ll post the recipe soon.

So am I the only one out there who’s neurotic enough to bulk cook their food and plan their lunches out in advance? Am I making myself sound crazy by admitting this stuff? Oh well 😛

6 comments on “The Incredible Bulk”

  1. I definitely bulk cook for the week! OR at least for like, 3 days or so. I eat as often as you do at work. One thing I DON’T do though, is experiment with baking recipes! I’ll experiment with cooking and don’t often follow recipes but only because I’m more confident in my cooking abilities. With baking, everything is so precise and it intimidates me! I have never baked anything “healthy” … hahah. So I look forward to reading your recipes!

    • Oh, my intuition with baking is NOWHERE near as good as it is with cooking meat and vegetables. I just recently started baking and I’m kind of getting the hang of it, but trust me, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, haha.

  2. You’re definitely not alone… I make enough chili and curry to feed an army. I freeze about 2/3 of whatever I make for later weeks, because andrew and I can’t possible eat that much before it would spoil in the fridge lol

  3. I love to be (food) prepared for the week too! Call me Type-A or a major organizational freak, but having meals/snacks planned for the week just makes things easier. And it’s much simpler to make healthy choices! 🙂

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