Is it better to publish informative posts less often, or personal fluff posts frequently?

I guess I’ll aim for somewhere in the middle.

I got my ass beat in my MMA self defense class today, and I was going to write about the things I’ve learned in that class during the past 8 months. But I started putzing around on Facebook and I totally lost my writing mojo. Well, at least I was really productive at work today. And I did a shoulder workout on my lunch break. I’d post the routine but after seeing Miss Sable kick some serious ass in the gym, I’m a little embarrassed of my 55 lb push press.

Anyway…here are some random photos to keep you entertained. Everyone likes photos, right? RIGHT?!

This is hanging in my cubicle.
Once upon a time I had red hair and actually bothered to wear make-up to work.
I love Gone with the Wind. I was amazed to find this huge portrait of Scarlett O'Hara hanging in one of David's friend's house.
No caption necessary.
Is it bad that when I see this I think "I bone my cocker spaniel"?
Let's play find the Chilean.
I do chin-ups in weird places.
Greasy hair and no make-up. Hot.
Sumo says "Sup?"
A cool guy at the beach.
Fairchild Gardens. I just like this photo.

Aaaand that was way more time consuming than I anticipated. Hope you enjoyed!

6 comments on “Photos!”

  1. 1. Your hair looks really cute with the red in it. I’m sure that’s a pain to keep up, but man, it looks great!

    2. I love that photo of you doing a pull-up. Wow. You remind me that I need to get back to work on doing pull-ups. Earlier this week I did the modified ones on the Smith machine, where you rest your legs on a bench, and my lord, I thought I was going to give myself an aneurysm, I had to pull so hard. But! I managed to do eight before collapsing.

    • Ugh, sorry it took me so long to respond to this. But yeah, the red was a bitch to maintain. It stained everything -_-
      And thank you! You know, those modified pull-ups (I call them reverse push-ups) are brutal in their own right. I can do more of them than I can chin-ups, but they feel super intense in a way that’s different than chins. They’re definitely exhausting!

  2. Haha, I had no clue what was so interesting about the car pic until I enlarged it.

    We were at Fairchild Gardens on Wednesday, love the free days!!

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