In bullets, because they are easy 😛

  • I drank beer last night. And vodka. And I ate calamari…again. It was my cheat meal, okay! I can’t help it if fried is my favorite flavor. I’m a firm believer that good friends, lols and bacchanalia are good for the soul.
A Burton Baton. I'm not much of a beer drinker, but this was pretty good.

I ordered a vodka soda, but they gave me a vodka tonic. There is a difference!
Me and Gio-rella.
  • So, um, I’m officially winning the war against pubes. Yeah. I just went there. I’m getting laser hair removal on my “bikini area” after getting an INSANE discount via Groupon. Today was my third session, and I almost cancelled because the last session was SO painful. I’m glad I didn’t though! I applied 4% Lidocain and took a pain killer before I went in (plus they give you 10% Lidocain once you get there) and it was pretty much a breeze. TMI? Whuteva!


  • Since I was lazy yesterday and didn’t go to the gym, I made up for it today with this insanity. It was probably my longest workout in years, if not the longest.


Leg extension (light warm up): 2×30 – 45 lbs
Wide squat – This one was supposed to be 2 light sets to failure and 2 heavy sets to failure, so the light sets were 65 lbs. at 18 reps. The heavy sets were 95 lbs at 9 reps.
Leg press – 4×8 – 200 lbs
Walking barbell lunge – 3×20 – 40 lbs
Barbell step ups – 3×10 – 40 lbs
Plie dumbbell squat 3×15 – 50 lbs

Smith Machine military press (blah) – 3×10 – 20 lbs (this is not including what the bar weighs)

Upright dumbbell rows – 3×10 – 15 lbs
Dumbbell military press – 3×10 – 20 lbs

Incline bench front raises – 3×10 10 lbs (These were surprisingly hard)
Lat raise – 3×10 (last set drop set) 15 lbs
Rear delt raise – 3×10 (last set drop set) – 12 lbs

Not the most impressive numbers, but whatever. So anyway, that was pretty much my Saturday…lasers and iron 😉

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