Remember that song Flag Pole Sitta by Harvey Danger?

The song came out when I was about 12 or 13, and while I was never crazy about it, one line from it always stuck with me:

“If you’re bored then you’re boring.”

Lately I’ve been wondering if that’s true. You see, I have issues with boredom. I get bored incredibly easily. I also feel like I’m becoming increasingly boring.

There are days when I will lament the loss of my youthful pizzaz and the colored hair, cute outfits, make-up and ‘tude that went along with it.

My thought process goes something like this:

Man, I used to be funny. I used to actually care about how I looked. Why did I stop dying my hair funky colors? When did my outfits become based around what was clean and closest to me when I rolled out of bed instead of things that are cute and fun? I should start wearing make-up to work again; I look scary. Sitting in this chair all day sucks. I need more interests. BLAH!!!

Back when I used to color my hair...and drink Goldschlager.

Not very good. That was kind of the state of mind I was in yesterday when I decided to bitch slap the Negative Nancy who occasionally likes to squat in my brain. She can be a real Chatty Cathy.

While every hour of my day may not be filled with blood-pumping excitement, there is plenty of pleasure and entertainment to be found if I bother to look for it. It just requires a shift in perception. So here are a few things that were like an adrenaline shot to my sedated brain yesterday:

-Kicking ass at the gym on my lunch break.
I don’t care what anyone says–there’s nothing dull or ordinary about testing the limits of your mental and physical strength. When I’m rowing barbells and doing chin-ups and squatting I feel like a badass. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and squeezing out one more rep is pretty inspiring stuff. I did a bent over row with an overhand grip (a more difficult variation and one of my weaker points) and surprised myself with the amount I was able to do.

-Lolling at TV censorship dubs for movie profanity.
Warning, this one is sooo NSFW:


I couldn’t find a video for this, but my favorite one is from Silence of the Lambs. On the TV version Buffalo Bill says, “Would you marry me? I’d marry me. I’d marry me hard.”

-This song. Good music always gets me out of a funk.

This site. Ummm, yeah. I know people who really talk like that.

-A SUGAR-FREE cup of coffee.
I know that sounds boring as hell, but dude…I got a sweet coffee buzz. The coffee had cream and vanilla extract in it…and it was like, actually drinkable. This is good because I’m trying to cut down on sugar consumption, and yet I was still able to teeter on the edge of Cornholio territory.

-Battle wounds from my self defense class.
Bruises on chicks are hot. And the fact that I know how to do a rear naked choke is cool, too.

-Realizing that I actually love my hair.
Sometimes I feel boring because for the past year and a half I’ve been letting my natural color grow. I haven’t cut my hair in that long either, and I never style it. But I still really like my hair. I like that it’s so long and healthy (‘cept  for those ends. They’re looking a little raggedy) and that I don’t even have to blow dry it for it to look nice. Nothing wrong with au natural, although one day I may go back to having colored hair.

This is how my hair air-dries. Seriously.

-Anticipation of the lulz to be had at tonight’s Festivus party.
We are using my stripper pole as the Festivus pole. And the feats of strength should be interesting.

Alsooooo, I will probably be starting up my boot camp thingie again. I don’t think very many Miami people read my blog (who am I kidding, hardly anyone reads it, period), but if you’re interested in joining a session shoot me a line!

So, how do you make your life interesting when things are feeling dull?

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