Last week I was on a mission to not spend money on anything extra (i.e. things I didn’t REALLY need.) However, during my Saturday grocery excursion I forgot two key items: eggs and cheese. So by Thursday morning I was down to one egg and NO cheese. Instead of heading to Publix to re-stock, I decided to wing it the rest of the week with whatever I had left at home.

I came to an important realization. LIFE IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT CHEESE. I used to think that omelets and salads weren’t even worth considering if they didn’t have some cheddar or mozzarella or something going on in there. But I found a way to make both of those things taste awesome without a little help from dairy.

Just like my frittata discovery, the answer was ridiculously simple. Tomato or marinara sauce. I used DelGrosso Fireworks Sauce. I got it at a Whole Foods event a while back and it was just sitting around.

It was all I needed for my breakfast omelet.

Omelet guts!

And it was all I needed for this salad I brought to work.

Turkey sausage, spinach, DelGrosso Fireworks sauce
Looks funky. Tastes surprisingly good.

They were both very satisfying. People might be skeptical about how good these meals would taste with just tomato sauce, and understandably so. It’s so…simple. But don’t underestimate simple. Simple is the shit.

I’m also getting into using not-so-traditional dressings for my salads. Next up I’m going to try salsa and hummus. Separately, and maybe together too!

Aaaand I know I said I was going to try to not spend any money, buuut I kind of slipped up on that one. See, a lot of the time I workout on my lunch break. I had brought some bread to eat after my workout, but I was so hungry I ended up eating the bread before heading to the gym. So I had no post-workout carbs. That lead me to spending way too much on this carbage.


Tasted like crap. But I supposed it was better than nothing.

After work I broke my no-spending-money promise again, but this time it was actually worth it. I totally believe that fun and socializing are part of having a healthy lifestyle. It was Miss Guru Rabbit’s birthday, so I got my drink on and I got my munch on. (Check out her post for a re-cap and more pictures.) Good times, good people, and my hangover was hardly anything! The next day I even got everything I set out to do at work done. Which was a lot, because I’M OFF ALL NEXT WEEK! WOOOOO!

Bunneh Birthday Celebration

Yes, my birthday is coming up, and the best gift I could give to myself was a week off work. I deserve it! I have no idea what I’m actually going to do for my birthday. But yanno…whatever! Last year’s was weird. But that was 26. This is 27. Odd years are always better.

Me and my hoes last year on my birthday.



2 comments on “No Cheese Fun”

  1. Life without cheese has been difficult. but you know. It’s either cheese or alcohol that needs to get cut. But, now I know what to get you for your birthday. a BIG ass slice of cheese.

  2. CUT THE CHEESE! Ha…ha? But yeah, cheese is good. Or alcohol. I can’t cut either of them out permanently. If loving them is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

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