This weekend was a doozy.

You see, David works at Whole Foods. And sometimes he brings home “goodies” (although I think it’d be more fitting to call them “badies.”) This week’s batch of evil temptation came in the form of cornbread. And not the dry, crumbly kind they used to sell in the school cafeteria. No, this was glorious, moist, SWEET as sin cornbread. I ended up eating enough to send me crashing into a sugar coma several times. There was also fried chicken (when will my parents stop buying this?), sugar-free energy beverages (the legal, liquid equivalent of designer drugs), a cheeseburger and cake. That’s as much as I’m willing to admit, anyway.

I also bailed on some of my workouts, making my resistance training total for the week a measly two sessions. (Although I was good about cardio…and I sprinted, too!)

By Sunday night, I was feeling pretty gross. I brooded for a bit, and then I forced myself out of it. There was no point in dwelling on the fact that I ate like total crap and didn’t exercise all weekend. It happens. I could let it depress me and send me into a vortex of gluttony because, what the hell, I already blew it.

But I don’t work like that. I know a weekend of overindulgence is not a sentence that dooms me to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Instead, it becomes a breaking point for me, an opportunity to turn something negative into something positive. And that’s what I did.

I read up on some exercise stuff (I seriously enjoy that) then set my alarm clock for a rather ambitious hour. Today I made it to the gym bright and early for a good workout. I put together all my lunches for today when I got home, and even prepped some stuff for later tonight. This past weekend’s offenses aren’t bothering me in the least right now because today has gone so swimmingly.

It’s all about perception. I didn’t let my negativity consume me. Instead, my weekend of reckless abandon reset me for the week. It motivated me to clean up my act.

We all have a few days, a few weeks, maybe even a few months where our habits are…off the chain.

*cough cough the holidays*

But instead of beating yourself up, try to shift the way you think, even if it feels like flat-out lying. For example:

Ugghhh. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. I’m so disgusting. I feel gross. I just want to faceplant into a pint of icecreambecause what does it even matter anymore? I’m a failure.


Eh. I overate. More than usual. Whatever. I feel kind of full and bloated right now, and I don’t like feeling that way, so tomorrow I’m going to do a bunch of things that will make me feel better. Yes, I will feel awesome after a glorious day of walking, veggies and water.

Oftentimes, it’s dwelling in our own negativity and guilt that prevents us from shedding bad habits. Just remember that messing up doesn’t have to be the end all, be all of your healthy habits. Sometimes all it takes is a little gumption and positivity to get you on the right track. Be good to yourself. It pays off.

And because I’m a cheese ball who loves Gone with the Wind, I can’t help but posting this:

Don’t hate 😛

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  1. Any time I feel this way lately, I think, “First world problems…” and then I feel more guilty, except it’s less over myself and more for children in Sudan. Bleh.

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