I’m still alive. Not posting as much as I’d like to, but hopefully that will change soon.

Since I’m kind of exhausted, the rest of this post will be written in bullets.

  • Being a home owner sucks. I mean, it’s good, but it still sucks. Once you become a home owner you officially join the headache club. I try to be grateful for what I have, but I feel like I’ve been cursed by Murphey’s Law. As of right now I am dealing with a leaky roof, a severely cracked ceiling, a new floor that’s about to be put in, and termites. Fuck termites.


  • I went to a Body Sculpt class at my friend’s gym (24 Hour). I didn’t really like it that much. During the hour-long class you do a million reps with light weight for each body part. This improves your muscle endurance, but that should not be confused with muscle strength. (Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to work repeatedly over a period of time, when the activity does not meet maximum resistance.) I guess I just don’t like workouts that are somewhere between strength training and cardio, but don’t really do either effectively. If I’m going to lift weights, I want to lift heavy weights that are going to make me stronger. If I’m going to do cardio, I want it to be intense and you know…actually raise my heart rate. The Body Sculpt class didn’t do any of that. I kind of think it preys on women’s misconception about super high reps and low weight being good for “toning.” I also thought the instructor was really annoying. But taking the class is better than doing nothing I suppose.


  • Remember that post I wrote about falling off the wagon? Yeeaahhh. My eating habits have been shameful lately. SHAMEFUL. I’m talking about late night Fruity Pebbles attacks. Although on a positive note, today was the first day I’ve eaten healthy in a long time. Let’s see how I do from here.


  • I actually want to write a full post on this topic, but I’ll touch on it briefly here. How do your partner’s eating habits effect you? I’m definitely more prone to eating junk food when I’m around my significant other because he brings home cookies and cereal. He tells me I should just not eat it, but it’s frickin hard! If you have a bowl of cereal and a bowl of cauliflower in front of you, which are you gonna pick? I rest my case.


  • Had another boot camp this past Sunday. Good times. We shall be meeting again this upcoming Sunday morning at Indian Hammocks if anyone is interested.
Me demonstrating...something.
Helping Joe with his form.
Chris doing a bent-over row,

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