Sweet Jesus, being tough is painful.

My arm feels like it got pulled out of its socket thanks to my MMA/self defense class. But on the bright side, my gi came in. I’m like, 1/100th of a ninja now. I even kinda feel like I’m sorta getting the hang of things. At least when it comes to ground work. I’m still a half-wit on my feet. Being on my ass just feels more natural, ha.

I should be cleaning right now, but I’ve decided to give you a playlist instead. Music can literally make or break my workout when I’m doing cardio. Admittedly I’m kind of in a rut right now because I haven’t gone out of my way to put new music on my ipod. But below are a few staples and a few new (to me) songs that I’ve been enjoying.

Most of the things I listen to are upbeat. I just cannot listen to anything slow and droney, especially when I’m working out. My playlists are also usually devoid of anything Top 40 (at least from the last two decades; I’m a sucker for oldies). Not knocking it, but I can’t seem to get into most things that are popular right now.

If we were to go by middle school labels, my boyfriend says that I’m totally “a rocker.” I guess it’s true…

This is an extremely rare cover of a song by Italian pop singer Mina. I went to great lengths to find it, and finally one of my friends happened upon it after I told him to keep an eye out for it.

This dude on my Facebook posted this once saying, “How can such good songs have only 3 chords?”

Good ol’ punk rock.

I like the original, but I like this jazzy version even more.

Don’t judge me.

This appeals to my inner butt-rocker.

Hipster stuff.

Yes, I first heard this song in Clueless. But anyway, I like the mix of crooning vocals and upbeat punky music.

If I had any musical talent, I would want to be like Exene Cervenka.

I’m so going through an of Montreal phase right now. It was hard for me to pick which song to use.

I love the Ramones. That is all.

More punky fun.

Phew. Well that’s it for now. There were way more songs I wanted to include, but I hold off on those til next time. Hope you liked it!

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