I am usually a punctual person, but apparently not when it comes to blogging.

I’m more than TWO MONTHS late on this post! I know, terrible. But better late than never?

So, back in November I did the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run in Miami. It’s a women’s-only 5K race with obstacles and of course, lots of mud. (Although running around the mud is an option, but what’s the fun in that?)


This was my second 5K. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not much of a runner, but I really enjoy these themed races. This one was a lot of fun, especially since my friend OTAKITTY accompanied me.


Pretty Muddy took place in Amelia Earhart park, which is quite nice. We started off in an open field then made our way into a forest trail. This is a great race for beginners because it’s friendly and non-competitive. Some obstacles were climbing over a net, climbing over and under wooden barracks, and crawling through muddy tunnels. I¬†enjoyed it. I just wish the obstacles were a little harder, but that’s just me.


And I’ve gotta say, that was some nice mud. I mentioned to the social media coordinator (don’t quote me on that title; I made it up) Courtney Norman that the mud reminded me of chocolate fudge, and she said they actually brought in special top soil for the ladies to crawl through. Makes sense. The regular ground there would NOT be pleasant to crawl through (think rocks…lots of evil, little rocks). The top soil was really thick and soft and squishy…kind of what you’d expect crawling through fudge would be like, except less delicious. Although I can’t confirm that for sure….


I completely ruined my shoes, but they were like 5 years old anyway.


There were superheroes.




And costumes of all kinds.




Now, the clean up afterward was interesting. Imagine a big pit with a bunch of chicks hosing mud off themselves. My kinda party, man. I have no shame and got right in there. (Unfortunately there were no pictures of this, hah.)



After the race Otakitty and I went to a Mexican restaurant to re-fuel. All-in-all it was a morning well-spent. And who knows…there may be more 5Ks to come!

2 comments on “Pretty Muddy Miami 2012”

  1. Next time we gotta wear something cute… I took the obstacles into account and noticed the “gear” some of the smarter girls have, with this knowledge I’ve designed an optimal mud-racing attire! (that I shall show you later)
    We also need more girls in our team ūüôĀ

  2. Hi,
    We organise a Fun Run every year in October in Tasmania. We would like to use your image of the four girls in green tutus please to encourage people to have fun in our run.
    May we use this image please?
    Kind Regards,

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