I am a creature of habit. Most days I have a routine that I stick to, and for the most part it’s good. It keeps me productive, and I find something comforting about having a schedule to occupy my time. My routine makes me feel normal. (My boyfriend says I’m a control freak. Whatever…I’m an only child.)

However, this past Sunday my routine was not cutting it. For some STRANGE, unfathomable reason, cleaning and cooking for five hours just didn’t seem appealing to me. I decided to break out of my 50s housewife box and do something FUN and SWEATY and DIRTY.

First, David and I went to the park across the street from my house to play catch with a football. I figured it would be good to get out in the sun and work on my hand-eye coordination. It was hot as hell, and playing catch while you’re just standing there can get boring pretty quick. So we started running and throwing the ball to each other. That was A LOT more fun and fast-paced. I can even see myself doing that like…for cardio, lol.

Then we went to Tropical Park to see what was going on over there. Word is that some LARPers practice there every Sunday. David is into all that nerdy stuff, and I wanted to investigate. We found them, however we didn’t actually get out of the car to talk to them. Next week we plan to, though. So keep an eye out for that.

(Random fun fact: I used to box at the amateur gym in Tropical Park when I was 17.)

We tried out some of the park's fitness markers.
Monkey style.

I know that it’s a universal truth that Sundays are great park days, but I seem to have forgotten that somewhere along the way. Going to Tropical Park reminded me. That place is huge, and it’s buzzing with activity–birthday parties, basketball, fencing, baseball, bike-riding. If you ever need inspiration to just get up and get moving, TP (haha) is the place to go.

Blurry in-car-paparazzi-shot of people fencing.
Another paparazzi shot of people riding these bike-cart things you can rent at the park.

We practiced some more running while playing catch, and I’m actually starting to not be afraid of the ball. This is the perfect example of doing a physical activity for FUN, and then realizing that it counts as exercising too. By the time I got home, I was really glad I broke my routine. And I even managed to get most of my cooking done. Huge win, I say.

I always throw high. High balls, that is.

So now it’s your turn. Do you have a routine? Do you feel “off” if you don’t stick to it? Or does occasionally straying from it revitalize you?

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