My name is Allie, and I live in Miami, FL. This is my little corner of the Internets where I’ll be blogging about fitness, nutrition, health and whatever else my brain poops out.

My stance on exercise and diet is based on common sense and moderation. You’re not going to find any information on gimmicky weight loss plans here. What you will find are posts about lifting weights (I am BIG on that), healthy and easy-to-make food, different exercise routines, Miami fitness related stuff, tips, and amusing gym-time observations.

So why did I chose the name Fit Geek for this blog? First, take a look at this link.

According to that site, a geek is someone with extensive knowledge in a particular area. For me, that area is fitness. (Too bad fitness wasn’t deemed cool enough to make it onto that chart.) I’ve spent the last few years absorbing as much information about exercise and nutrition as I could. I’m passionate about these things, and I’m really excited to have a place where I can talk about squatting and doing chin-ups and my love of artichoke hearts.

Also, this may be a sweeping generalization, but I think a lot of people assume that working out and getting fit are things reserved for a certain type of person. A certain type of annoying person. But that’s not the case. Fitness is for everyone.

Even if you don’t know anything about working out or eating healthy, you can still learn, and you might find that you like it too. And that’s part of my aim with this site. I’d be ecstatic if people who would have never thought of themselves as the “working out type” found themselves…well, working out, or at least striving to live a healthier, happier, more active life.

So…anyway. Welcome!

2 comments on “Welcome to Fit Geek!”

  1. good start dude! keeping it simple, honest, and straight forward is the best. and i like the name a lot 🙂 and even though im not the fittest of the bunch, i can appreciate it for what it is. and you’re right, fitness is for everyone, people just have to find what works best for them. sometimes its running others its weights others its salsa dancing or hula hooping or roller skating. not sure if you were thinking about exploring different kind of fitness routines to kinda compare/contrast, show people that they have all kinds of options, just a thought! also, since you’re talking about being healthy and such, maybe even discussing the importance of a positive attitude and mental health/fitness since i think it’s definitely a part of general fitness. if you’re not happy mentally you probably won’t work as hard to be physically fit and happy in that aspect of your life. i know you’ve discussed the pros of a positive attitude before, so maybe a little like weekly or biweekly positive note could be cool. good luck! 🙂

    • Yes, all very good ideas! I’ll definitely be touching on the things you mentioned. Thanks for the positive vibes!

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