Some new things are on the horizon for me. Things that I said I would NEVER do. Like Crossfit and running races and buying bigger pants.

Instead of saying the cliché, I’ll just leave this here.

(I freakin’ LOVED that movie as a kid.)

So Crossfit. I bought a two-month coupon because I need something new. Waiting in lines to use equipment at LA Fitness is not cutting it anymore. Seriously, that place is like a jungle. An overly-tanned, neon-shoes-matching-tank-tops, curling-in-the-squat-rack clusterfuck of a jungle. Normally I can ignore that kind of stuff, but it is so crowded that it affects my workout. And when you mess with my workout…nothing bad really happens but I get pissy and frown and I might snap at you.

So it is with great reservation that I have decided to try Crossfit. I have my concerns–the cultiness of it, the notoriously poor form–but I’m going to see for myself. If I start using words like “box” and “WOD” feel free to roll your eyes.

But in its defense, everyone I know who does Crossfit really seems to love it, and I fare well in group exercise environments, so who knows. Maybe I will drink the Kool-Aid? We’ll see.

I’m also running two 5Ks, mostly because friends asked me to. I hate running, but I like doing active things with my friends. I’ll go into more detail about these races soon.

And finally…PANTS!! So I’ve gained a little weight, enough to warrant me going up a pant size. Yes, I was/still kind of am one of those girls who refuses to buy bigger pants. But I was down to two pairs of pants that still fit me well. I can only get away with wearing leggings and dresses for so long. A girl needs her jeans! So while I was at the mall I tried on a pair of jeans that were a size up…and they looked good. What a bittersweet feeling.

I know it’s silly to cling to a certain clothing size, but really, I don’t think anyone looks forward to buying bigger pants. And my pant size is still relatively small so I feel a little dramatic being bothered by it. Maybe I should shop at Walmart where I’m below a size 0.

But seriously, I’m glad I bought these jeans. Even if you have gained weight, why punish yourself by limiting your wardrobe just because you’re no longer a size 2/4/6/whatever? I don’t consider myself a superficial person, but when I’m dressed nice I feel good. And I don’t know about the rest of you, but because of my height and body shape (short and stumpy, think hobbit), it is HARD to find a pair of jeans that look just right on me. So when I do I can’t pass them up!

Although I don’t necessarily want to stock up on a bunch of jeans at this size, I’ll probably buy at least one more pair. But they’ve gotta make my ass look HOT. No really, the way my butt looks in jeans makes up about 70% of my decision to buy them.
*Looks down*…check!

2 comments on “Just buy the f*cking pants.”

  1. I’m curious to hear how CrossFit works out for you. I have a growing number of friends who love it but I haven’t taken the plunge yet because I have no clue how to fit that into my current schedule of multisport plus weight training.

    Also I’ve let go of being attached to sizes, just because they tend to vary soooooo much. I actually have no idea what size I am right now, just because it’s so different from retailer to retailer.

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