You know, I expected today to be uneventful for the most part.

I was planning to blog about not being able to get to 40 lbs with dumbbells (80 lbs total) on the incline press, when I can easily knock out 3 sets of 10 with the 35 lb dumbbells. (I couldn’t even get the 40s up once.)

The 40s pwned me.

But aside from me totally failing to get the 40s up in the air, something noteworthy actually happened at the gym.

So, I was on the last exercise for chest day. I decided to end easy on the incline press machine. Then a guy approached me. The conversation went like this:

Guy: Hi, do you mind if I pick your brains for a minute?
Me: Sure.
Guy: Why do you do so many chest exercises?
Me: I don’t only do chest exercises. I work every part of my body because I want to be balanced.
Guy: Well I’ve seen you doing a lot of chest stuff. I saw you doing flyes over there. And I’m not sure if you know, but working your chest too much can reduce your breasts.

*Oh. Hell. No.*

Me: I’m not really worried about that.
Guy: Oh, I wasn’t sure if you knew, ’cause that happens. I’ve seen women whose breasts have gone down from working their chest too much.
Me: I’m not trying to get to a bodybuilder level. And personally, I don’t think working my chest is going to reduce my breasts.
Guy: Well you know with men, they don’t have much fat on their chest. It’s more muscle. But women do have fat there, and it can go away if you work it too hard.
Me: Yeah, exactly. Breasts are mostly fat tissue. And for me, the only way I’m losing breast tissue is if I’m losing fat. And right now I’m not really doing any cardio and I’m not reducing my calories so I’m not worried about it.
Guy: Ok, I wasn’t sure if you knew. I run the PT department here and I put together all the programs, so I just thought you should know.
Me: Thanks, but I’ve been doing this a long time and I’m not worried about it.
Guy: Yes, I can tell. Well, sorry to interrupt your workout.

WTF. Dude. Am I overreacting or was that super inappropriate? In my mind, I don’t care if you’re a trainer or not, you don’t go up to a stranger and tell them that their tits at are risk for deflation. He doesn’t know what my goals are. It’s one thing to help someone with their form, but another thing entirely to comment on their physique.

And as you can tell by my response to him, I don’t think what he said is true either. Granted, everyone is different, but from my experience simply lifting weights for your chest isn’t going to reduce your breasts. Will you build muscle under the breast? Yes, but that alone is not enough to shrink your boobs. There has to be fat loss involved, and I am certainly not losing any fat right now. In fact, when I first lost weight I did lose a cup size or two. But when I started lifting seriously, and consequently gaining muscle and fat, my breast sized increased again. I think there is a stronger correlation between body fat level and breast size than there is between muscularity and breast size. BUT THAT’S JUST ME.

I was so offended it ruined my post-workout Mexican salad. Instead of guacamole, all I could taste was HATE! Well, hate is a strong word. I was pissed, but it would sound weird if I said all I could taste was …piss….yeah.

Have you had any offensive experiences with ignorant and rude trainers at the gym?

Ps. I posed the question on Twitter, but since I only have like, 30 followers, I didn’t get any responses, lol. That being said, add me on the Twitters at MsFitGeek!

6 comments on “Let’s NOT talk about boobs.”

  1. That does seem a tad awkward, maybe if he just made the one comment and left it at that when you said you weren’t worried about that, but the fact that he presses it makes the whole exchange sound really awkward.

  2. holy crap, that’s ridiculous. unbelievable that he’s a trainer :(:(
    besides the fact that any time a guy makes any sort of conversation regarding the chest of a woman he doesn’t know is not appropriate, he’s full of crap. maybe he was just trying to ‘scare’ you into hiring him as a trainer with his vast knowledge of boobs?? haha.

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