A couple of weeks ago I bet David $100 that he couldn’t go a week without eating any added sugar. This was while he was in the depths of a pastry and candy binge fest that must’ve lasted at least a fortnight. Ashamed of himself (not really), he accepted.

I was originally not participating in the bet, and because of that he didn’t have to pay me if he lost. I don’t know what my (lack of) logic was to agree to that, but so it goes.

In typical David fashion, he started talking crap. Saying things like, “I’m gonna win that bet so hard. I can’t wait to buy candy with that money. You might as well just pay up now. It’s hopeless for you.” Okay, so that’s not what he said verbatim, but close enough.

Crap talking makes me nervous. I realized that I did not want to pay him that money. But I couldn’t back out of the bet. So he said if I do the no sugar thing with him, and I go the week without any added sugar, I don’t have to pay him. However, if he loses he still doesn’t pay me any money. Which doesn’t really make any sense to me, but whatever. Why did I agree to this again?

Oh yeah. Because I want to cut down my sugar consumption, and this is a good, albeit not exactly fair, way to get me started. And if you think about it, I have more incentive to win, because the fear of loss (of money!) is a bigger motivator than winning something. He doesn’t have anything to lose. I do.

So the rules are that we can’t have anything with added sugar. Obviously that means no cookies, cakes, brownies, candy or desserts of any kind. Fruit is okay, juice is not. David is a milk junkie, so I told him milk was fine since it doesn’t technically have any added sugar.


You’d be surprise how many things have added sugar in them. Bread, dressing, soup, marinated meats and so on. David works at Whole Foods and always eats lunch from the prepared foods section. It took him a few days to find options that fit the guidelines of our bet.

Today was Day 1 and all went well. I almooost slipped up and ate a butterscotch candy, but that’s only because I forgot about the bet for a second. Good thing I remembered before the candy bowl at work got the better of me.

I’m feeling pretty good about the bet so far. I’d say luck is on my side, but I don’t need luck for this one. When I really want something, my resolve is solid as stone! Too bad I won’t get any money out of it though 😛

My Festivus pole.

Oh yeah, and Festivus was a success. I had a blast. However, somebody decided to jump on the pole with a running start, and it was knocked out of place and put this little dent in my wall. But hey, that’s how you know it was a good party 😉

This is a hole in the wall.

Ps. On a completely random note–I made beet burgers the other day and I couldn’t help but wonder if it’d be possible to make a variation of red velvet cake with them. Hmmm…

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  1. Yeeeaah, Henry’s kinda accident prone… half his teeth aren’t his. I don’t know how much sugar you normally eat, but you’re gonna feel freakin’ amazing once you’re used to going without it. And yes, you can use beets in red velvet cake. Not quite red, but at least it’s natural…

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