Dear all 10 people who read my blog, forgive my absence. Things have been cray-cray in the real world.

As you may remember, I was staying at my parents’ house while I had a new floor installed at my place. Well, one morning when no one was home I decided to walk around the house naked. Unfortunately there are a lot of sliding glass doors in that house. I was bending over to feed my rabbit, and when I turned around I noticed that the water in the pool was moving. Then the pool guy walked by, and I KNOW he saw me naked. Ugghh…he was even smiling. Here is a photo of my parents’ living room so you can actually picture my humiliation.

My towel was on the counter, so I squatted down in that corner where the trash bag is, grabbed the towel, and ran back to my room to wait for him to leave. As a result I burned my breakfast. I like the yolk dried out anyway.

Oh well. After I got over the embarrassment it was pretty funny.

Then at some point this happened:

Yeaaah. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Then this happened:


I took a bite before snapping the pic. Oops!

David and I had dinner at Sushin Japanese Restaurant, and our experience was…weird. I ordered the steamed ginger fish dinner. It comes with soup, salad and a bowl of rice. I asked our server if we could substitute the rice for a bowl of steamed broccoli…and she said no. David asked why not, and she said it was too expensive, and that if we wanted they could put some bits of broccoli into the bowl of white rice. Um…no. I understand that a bowl of broccoli may be more expensive than a bowl of rice, but I would have paid the difference. There was no discussion of that though. Granted, the server didn’t have the strongest grasp of the English language, and I think she may have not completely understood us so I let it go.

Our food was also served out of order. David’s entree arrived with my soup and salad. Then my entree arrived, then the appetizer. The appetizer was pork something or other (sorry, forgot the name of it), and I let David eat most of it. I did eat a majority of the broccoli, however, and they were steamed to the perfect consistency. Not too soft and not too firm. Despite the um, not so excellent service, the food was really good. And honestly I kind of felt bad for our server because she was still nice, just you know…foreign.

By Friday night I was eager to go back home and get back into my routine. But by the time I got there (around 8:30) the floor people were still working. I had a slight emotional moment about this because I just wanted my house back. So I went to the gym and had a cathartic workout. I felt 100% better by the time I was done.

Since this blog is called Fit Geek, I’ll write out the routine I did for anyone who cares. It was a chest workout.

Barbell bench press 4×8 – 85 lbs

Super set:
Dumbbell flyes 4×8 –  20 lbs each
Dumbbell bench press 4×8 – 30 lbs each

Super set:
Incline dumbbell press 4×8 – 2 sets of 25, 2 sets of 30
Bench dip 4×8 – bodyweight

Cable crossover 4×8 – 10 lbs each side

I also did some ab stuff but I’ll spare you. And in case you don’t know what a super set is, it’s when you do one exercise then go to the next one immediately without any rest. After completing the second exercise you rest, then start over.

And for fun, I found this old Sailor Moon shirt that I used to wear at my parents’ place.

Well anyway, I am going to finish my Pinot Grigio and enjoy the rest of this rainy Saturday night. See ya!

8 comments on “The pool guy saw me naked”

  1. aww man, that must be awkward. Was actually hoping you would post on the abs. Luis and I have been doing abs on the days we can’t get to the gym, but I need more than just the different types of crunches. Any tips on at home abs with no equipment except an exercise ball?

    • planks are really good, but i remember you saying that you can’t put pressure on your toes, so i don’t know if those would work for you. you could also try side planks. those are pretty intense. i’m looking through my big book of exercises and most of the ab things are variations of crunches or planks, haha. google swiss ball jackknife, swiss ball rollout, russian twist and hip crossover and see if you like any of those.

      • thanks, I’ll check em out! I can do planks for a bit but I suck at them, it’s nice to see a bit of progression in the amount of seconds I can last though.

  2. So on my agenda today is some upper body work… whoa, your chest workout is intense! Very impressed. Makes me think I may want to turn it up a notch today.

    Either that or take a nap, can’t quite decide which.

    Great blog btw!

  3. HAHA! Oh my gosh you had me cracking up from the moment you mentioned your “10 readers” all the way until the end!

    As far as the nakedness goes, I feel your pain! I don’t know WHAT goes through my head, but I continue to make the naked dash from my bathroom to my room with OPEN WINDOWS every single day– and I’d be surprised if nobody has captured a glimpse of my naked body. God bless their soul.

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