So apparently I have relatives that read my blog. And according to my father they have an issue with me cursing. Whatever. I don’t think I even curse that much. I’ve even tried to curtail it these past few posts…to be nice, or something. However I am not a fan of censorship.

It was relayed to me that my relatives look down on me cursing because people who curse are ignorant and can’t think of a more eloquent way to express themselves. (For the record, my parents don’t care if I curse. That’s why they rule.)

As I’ve said before, I look at my posts as conversations. When I write them, I try to think of myself talking to a friend. I’m mostly being casual here. And in casual conversations with friends, I curse. If that offends anyone, it’s really not my problem. This is a BLOG…not an article for publication. And like I said, I don’t think I do it excessively.

But what can you do? Many of my family members are from another time. I don’t really expect them to understand.

I mean, why is cursing even bad? What is it about those words that is so taboo? Aren’t they only taboo if you make them taboo? Man, taboos are annoying and useless.


If there’s anything that will make you curse, it’s a tough workout. That’s why I deem the following routine the WTF Workout. It might make you swear, but I chose the acronym so as to not offend my family. A few friends and I did this cardio workout a couple of weeks ago, and according to them their limbs were hurting for days afterwards.

Do each exercise for the specified amount of time, then move on to the next. Beginners, complete one circuit. Intermediate and advanced people can do two circuits.

Squat Overhead Press – 2 minutes

Squat and simultaneously lift your hands straight up as high as they will go. This one is harder than it looks! Remember, when you squat you should be sticking your butt back as far as it will go, like you are sitting back on something. You want to keep your back straight and avoid having your knees pass your toes.

Side Lunge and Knee-up – 1 minute per leg

Do a side lunge, and as you come back up bring your knee up. The leg that comes up should be the same leg that you stepped out with. Continue to do this on the SAME side for a minute, then switch legs. Check the link for a re-fresher on how to do a side lunge.

Lunge Jump – 2 minutes

Get into a lunge position, then jump up and switch legs in the air. Let’s say you start with your right leg in front. You jump up and switch legs so that when you land your left foot is now in front. Make sure your upper body stays upright the whole time. You don’t want to lean forward.Watch this video to see it in action.

Cross Body Mountain Climber – 2 minutes

Get in the plank position. Bring your left knee to your right elbow then go back to the starting position. Then bring your right knee to the left elbow. This is like a regular mountain climber, but you are bringing each knee to the opposite elbow.

MMA Get Up – 15 each side

Watch the video 😛

Moving Push-ups – 20

Here you will start with your right hand slightly forward and the left hand slightly lower than they would be in a conventional push-up. Do a push-up, then put your hands in the conventional push-up position. Do another push-up. Then put your left hand slightly forward and your left hand slightly lower. Do another push-up. Complete 20 of these. Each push-up counts as one rep. Beginners can do them on their knees.

Forward Jump – 40
Jump forward 20 times, then turn around and jump back another 20 times. Just to be clear, you will NOT be doing any backwards jumping. Just jumping ahead 20 times then turning back around. If you have enough space, you can do the 40 jumps in one shot without turning to go back to where you started.

One-leg Bridge – 20 per leg

Lie on your back and stick one leg straight in the air. Use your planted foot to lift your butt off the ground. Do 20 reps, then switch sides.

Try it and let me know if you uttered any expletives during or after.

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