Just a warning, this is totally a fluff post. I promise I’ll have something more substantial when I get back from my trip to Disney World…and probably some more pictures of me enjoying foods I probably shouldn’t be eating. But until then…

…A combination of things reminded me of something I wanted to share, those things being my recent gym post and something that happened to me while I was at work the other day.

So last Wednesday toward the end of the day I stepped outside to take a quick walk around the building for a little energy boost. Any time an employee wants to get into the building they have to enter their code. So I finish my quick walk and get back to the entrance. As soon as I lift my finger to the keypad…nothing. My mind went totally blank. I completely forgot my code, and mind you, I’ve been working at this place for almost four years. I’ve never forgotten my code there! It was weird. I had to be buzzed in by the front desk.

The girl who has that information was already gone for the day, so I tried really hard to remember the code and I wrote down the possibilities of what it could be. Turns out none of them were right.

I had another incident like this once before. I had finished my walk at the gym during my lunch break and was heading back to the locker room. I was on the phone at the time and started to mess with my lock. I could NOT remember the combination, so I hung up, figuring that I was just distracted from being on the phone. But after several tries I realized that I forgot the combo…for reals.

I was pretty embarrassed because I’d had that lock for more than a year. How do you just forget your combination from one day to the next like that? I had no idea, and I was freaking out because I had to be back at work in a few minutes. Eventually I came to my senses and got one of the employees to cut my lock off.

Have you ever heard the term “feeling crunchy?” Back in the middle school days it meant feeling embarrassed. I picture it like someone getting caught doing something dumb and there being a super-loud crunch noise in the background that makes you cringe. But yeah, I felt crunchy as hell.

A few people told me I’d probably remember the combination the next day, but it never came back to me.

Sup with that?!

Fortunately I wised up and came up with a trick to help me remember my current locker code. I have a saying that helps me remember the numbers. Each number represents something. So let’s say my code was 12-24-7, I’d remember “a dozen all day every day.” I think giving the number a meaning helps you remember them.

Now I just need to come up with one for work. Someone please tell me that this has happened to them too!

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