AKA how to ruin your diet…in a photo recap!

There were drinks...lots of drinks. This was the first. A mango margarita I believe.
Cucumber kimchee.
Tuna Tataki.
Friends! I did not eat them though.
More friends and fried calamari...and more drinks. Sheesh -_-
Sunday: The beach and hot chicks. And way, way too many jellyfish. Stung my boob, they did!
A nice, cold moscato. Mmmm...
Taboule. Finally, some form of plant matter!
Damn birdies! That was close...too close.
Yes, you guessed it. More drinks. This was David's strawberry daquiri. I had a Long Island iced tea.
The intestinal abomination that was David's lunch. I had my fair share of it.
My lunch. Chicken fingers and fries from the kids' menu.
More friends...with crazy beards...most likely reaching for a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels.

Um…yeah. That was bad. I don’t usually go that balls to the wall with the booze and greasy food. These are definitely not my regular eating habits. Oh well. I still had a good time. However, I do not recommend eating like this on a regular basis if you want to be healthy. But every now and then it’s okay to go a little crazy. If anything, it makes me eager to get back on track. Although I will be visiting Disney World and Epcot this weekend…THAT should be interesting.

I will admit that weekends are always a challenge for me, though. Even if I don’t get as loose as I did this past weekend, I still tend to indulge more than I’d like. It’s one of my goals to be able to stop eating BEFORE I’m even full. If anyone has any suggestions for how to change my habits to accomplish this…please share!

But on the bright side, I had a pretty killer workout today. After work I went to my self-defense class, then to the gym to do weights and cardio. I think I’m still running on all the carbs and grease from the weekend.

So, how often do you go crazy with food? Do you feel guilty about it afterwards or accept it and move on?

2 comments on “A weekend of epicurean delights…”

  1. I am getting better with not going to crazy although I find I still have a black and white view of eating in the sense that once I start eating “poorly” I tend to call the day a write-off and keep eating badly. I am still trying to not let one or two treats spoil a whole day of good eating potential!!

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